The Pro Loco di Carmignano is an association, led entirely by volunteers with the goal of promoting the municipality. After several decades of inactivity, it was brought back to life in 1997 and now has over one hundred and fifty members. The Board, consisting of nine people, was presided over up to the end of October 1999 by Antonio Cirri, who, in July of the same year became the municipal councillor for tourism, image and promotion of typical products of the province of Prato., Tullio Bacarelli (vice president), Anna Nunziati, Fausto Lombardi, Alfredo Rosati, Gelsumini Simone, Chiara Fratoni and Ezio Comanducci were also involved in the board as elected members. Ascanio Marradi represented the municipal council. Stefano Cinotti, Ettore Perillo and Vincenzo Tristaino composed the Board of Auditors in recent months.

In November 1999, Anna Nunziati assumed the office of President of the Pro Loco of Carmignano. In the place of Antonio Cirri, is Giuseppe Poggi who also resigned from the post of councillor for reasons of fairness.
(President of the Consorzio di Tutela dei Vini di Carmignano). Ippolito Manetti, who was the first un-elected, in fact conceded.
On February 4, 2001 there were new elections, .Anna Nunziati was confirmed as President. Fernanda Lombardi was named vice president and Alessandra Lombardi Piccioli secretary. Other councillors elected were Antonio Cirri, Giovanna  Favillini, Ettore Perillo, Fabrizio Benelli and Alfredo Rosati Board of auditors: Stefano Cinotti, Roberto Pinori and Fausto Lombardi. To represent the municipal council on the board was the then head of culture, as well as deputy mayor, Dorian Cirri.

The Pro Loco then returned to the polls April 25, 2004. Walter Fortini, was elected President , Alfredo Rosati vice president and Giancarlo Luzzi secretary .The other councillors elected were Antonio Cirri, Fabrizio Buricchi, Giovanna Favillini, Nicholas Fanfani and Fernanda Lombardi .Board of auditors: Fausto Lombardi, Carlo   Feraci and Ippolito Manetti. Carmine Marra, vice president of the board,   represented the municipal administration.

In December 2004, Alfredo Rosati was lost: a sudden heart attack took him from us. Mauro Bellini, ‘joined the Board of the Pro loco as the first non-elected. In January Giancarlo Luzzi was appointed Vice President and is replaced in his role as secretary by Giovanna Favillini. Since late 2006, the new representative of the municipality within the council, who replaced Marra, was Irene Mugnaini.

On April 27, 2008 new elections were held for the renewal of the Board of Administrative Offices/General Services A week later, the newly appointed president of the board Niccolò Fanfani, Walter Fortini, who had chosen not to run again, has accepted the position of Vice President. Virginia Gradi was named secretary and Simone Quattrini treasurer. The other elected councillors are Giovanna Favillini, Fernanda   Lombardi, Fiorenzo Drovandi and Valerian Carrai. The Board of auditors: Stefano Cinotti, Mauro Bellini and Gianni Nicolosi. Irene Mugnaini still represents the municipal administration. During his tenure Simone Quattrini resigned and Viola Bucciantini replaced him. The office of treasurer was occupied in the interim by the president and vice president. Even the representative of the municipality, Irene Mugnaini, has been replaced: by Salvatore Bruno.

The board in charge
On May 6th 2012, the association returned to the polls. President Nicholas Fanfani. Was re-elected, Mauro Bellini was appointed vice president, Fiorenzo Drovandi treasurer and Fernanda Lombardi secretary. The other four elected directors  of the board are Carlo Attucci, Vincenzo Soricillo, Roberto Pollastrini and Piero Chiti. Board of auditors: Walter Fortini, Valeriano Carrai, Viola Bucciantini. The next election of the board of the Pro Loco will take place in the spring of 2016.

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