Production zone: Township of Carmignano and part  of the township of  Poggio a Caiano
Grape varietes scorcio di campagna

Carmignano rosso Docg

Sangiovese, minimum 50 % – Canaiolo nero up to 20% – Cabernet franc e Cabernet sauvignon, separately or together, from 10 to20 % – Trebbiano toscano, Canaiolo bianco e Malvasia del Chianti, separately or together, a maximum of 10% –  other red grapes recommended or autohorized for the province of Prato, a maximum of 10 %.

Vin Santo Doc

Trebbiano toscano e Malvasia bianca lunga, separately or together, at least  75 %.  A maximum 25% of other white grapes recommended or authorized for the province of Prato can also be used. A few producers continue to use  San Colombano.

Vin Santo
“Occhio di Pernice” Doc

Sangiovese, a minimum of  50 %. A maximum 50% of other grapes recommended or authorized for the province of  Prato can also be used. 

Barco Reale Doc

The same grapes and percentages as Carmignano rosso and Vin Ruspo. 

Vin Ruspo Doc

The same grapes and percentages as Carmignano Rosso.

Characteristics of the wines

Carmignano rosso Docg scorcio di campagna
Color: A lively ruby red tending towards garnet with age 
Aroma: Ethereal and persistent with notes of violets
Alcohol:  A minimum of 12.5 degree
Aging: 2 years, one of which in oak or chestnut casks. For the Riserva, a minimum of three years, two of which in wood. According to local tradition, the wine is to be bottled on September 29th, the day of the patron saint of Carmignano
Vin Santo Doc
scorcio di campagna
Color: Straw yellow tending towards amber
Aroma: Intense  and  ethereal 
Alcohol: A minimum of 16 degree (with no more than 5 degree of residual sugar) in the two versions, dry or lightly sweet. 
Aging: Three to four years in “vinsantaie”, special spaces areas for aging the wines. A notably longer period of bottling aging can then follow. The Riserva version cannot be released until November 1st of the fourth year after the pressing of the grapes.
“Occhio di Pernice” Doc scorcio di campagna
Color: From a pale to an intense rosy pink .
Aroma: Warm and intense
Alcohol: Minimum 16 degree, with no more than 2 degree of residual sugar
Aging: Identical to that of vin Santo
Barco Reale Doc scorcio di campagna
Color: Lively and brilliant ruby red
Aroma: Grapey, intense, and fruity 
Alcohol: A minimum of 11 degree
Aging: One year
Vin Ruspo Doc
scorcio di campagna
Color: Pinkish red, tending towards amber with age
Aroma: Grapey
Alcohol: A minimum of 11 degree
Aging: Until the first winter after tha harvest, The wine is intended to be drunk young.

Carmignano wines and food

Rosso Docg:

Roasts, game, important fowl dishes 

Vin Santo and “Occhio di Pernice”:

A dessert wine, suitable for petits fours, pies and tarts, almond cookies

Barco Reale Doc:

Ideal for roasts and grilled meat, red and white meat in sauces, particularly chicken

Ruspo Doc:

As an aperitif or as a thirst quencher during the day. Otherwise, with salami, fish, shell fish, and sea food, eggs, souops of all types, and braised meat.

Temperatures for serving the wine

scorcio di campagna

Rosso Docg:

At 64-66 degree Fahrenheit (18-19 degree centigrade). Open the bottle two hours before serving.

Vin Santo Doc:

At 57 degree Fahrenheit (14 degree centigrade) 

Barco Reale:

At 62-64 degree fahreneit (17-18 degree centigrade)


Cool, from 59 to 61 degree Fahrenheit  (15 -16 degree centigrade) . 
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