Carmignano, just like the whole of Tuscany, is full of holidays and festivals. There is almost always a festivity at any time of the year. But if you get a chance to come to Carmignano, there are four events that you must not miss.
A few days before Easter, but only every three years, Comeana recalls the death and crucifixion of Jesus Christ: with a parade with many characters and some special effects. The next edition will be in 2012, on April 5.
In August, on the night of the shooting stars, you can taste Carmignano wines in the olive tree gardens of the Rocca di Carmignano. The feast of “Calici di stelle” (Goblets of Stars) has been held for some years on two evenings, one of which is always on August 10. There are wines, appetizers and dishes prepared by caterers and confectioners from Carmignano, and also music, art exhibitions, workshops for children and a breath-taking view.
The theatre in the square is the protagonist at the end of September. Three days when the four districts of the town and outlying villages turn the streets and the main square of the town into a battle ground. This battle is fought with floats that become stage sets for hundreds of characters setting different stories. This is the feast of San. Michele. At the end of the two hour show there is a crazy donkey race.
Finally in December, in the days before and after the first Tuesday of the month, there is “Dicembre con gusto” (December with taste). A retelling of the ancient fair. Carmignano becomes a big dinner table set with the typical products of Montalbano, the Province of Prato and sometimes even beyond.

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