A toast to shooting stars on the night of San Lorenzo (August 10)., The Pro Loco has organised since 2000 in the scenic and majestic ancient medieval fortress, which even today dominates the village of less than two thousand souls of the capital, “Calici di Stelle”: the grand celebration held all over Europe at the same time, to which almost all the wine towns adhere. Carmignano, the smallest DOCG of Italy and the fourth oldest established in 1990 in Tuscany, is one of these.

It ‘s an evocative opportunity to taste the rich and elegant “Carmignano rosso DOCG” (the main product of these hills), the youngest “Barco Reale” DOC, which bears the name of the great game preserve the Medici wanted to set up in this area, the fresh Vin Ruspo DOC and the “amabile” Vin Santo that in the year of the Jubilee Pope Wojtyla used in his private chapel. Along with the wine the appetizers based on pecorino cheese, finocchiona, Tuscan salami, soprassata and bread seasoned with Carmignano oil and also the famous almond biscuits, jams and dishes prepared by some local restaurateurs.

The tasting takes place in the gardens of the Rocca, in front of and below the bell tower that once, not too long ago, used to ring the time of life in the surrounding countryside. Amid the olive trees alternate music performances, children’s workshops, and art exhibitions, amateur astronomers show stars and constellations from the “culla”, a place once reserved for the watch person. In 2001 more than a thousand people had already walked in the door of the castle. In 2011 two nights saw the presence of more than three thousand visitors.

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