Processione di Gesù Morto a Comeana - Foto Berna Nascaon the evening of Holy Thursday in Comeana a historical and religious commemoration takes place. Piazza Cesare Battisti in the centre is transformed into a Sanhedrin, and the Trial of Jesus Christ before Pilate goes on stage. An artificial mound is prepared in the nearby sports field, flashes of light illuminate the sky, and that’s where, a few hours later, the crucifixion takes place.
It is the commemoration of the Passion of Jesus Christ and the tragic moments that accompanied him, a tradition that has its roots in the sacred dramas of the Middle Ages, real liturgies born for a felt visual need of people. Once the religious part was dominating. After World War II, and especially with the revival of the event in 1982 the historical part began to dominate .
Over five hundred people are involved, marching both on foot or on horseback along the streets of the town. And the path has remained roughly the same as before: long and detailed to allow, at least in the past, various musical collectives involved in the march to reach farms (which were all out of the village) – the source of generous offers in kind and in cash.

Here are the characters and the order of the march in 2012 Photo: Salvatore Berna Nasca

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